[September 2018] Personalized experience

By  RJ Rojvirasingh, Managing Director at MAD APPE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. 

It’s 2018 and there’s one aspect that’s growing rapidly in the digital marketing world, catch phrases…

Content is King

Lower your CPC Improving digital ROI

Higher conversion rate

Make it viral

I’m not saying that these catch phrases are wrong, many companies developing these concepts for their businesses know that they will improve sales. But there’s one thing that they might have overlooked, which is customer behavior in their digital channel. Sure, content is king, because content sells and if it has gone viral, that’s even better! Trying to change the ad artwork or ad text would lower the money you’re paying to the big 2 in Silicon Valley hence improving your ROI. Right now, most companies are putting huge efforts into online adverts aiming to bring heaps of traffic to their websites, but the key is not taking them to the website, the key is the experience on their website.

Yes, the word “experience” is cliché, but if you look at it objectively, only large companies implement a good experience on their digital channel. One of the obvious examples is Nike ID, the place where you customize your beloved Nike Shoes, someone might have been spending hours trying so hard to put his personality into the shoes, some might be working on tons of variation before they purchase them. Try it out here to experience it yourself https://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/mens-nikeid

So if someone asks you a question “What kind of behavior does Nike get out of this experience?” you might answer “Nike gets customers spending more time on their website, creating awareness, and potentially people will share their custom design and bring more traffic to the website” Yes, it is correct, but if you look at this in a deeper sense, Nike creates “TRAITS”. Every single action is equal to a trait, here’s what the example traits are:

  1. People who completed their custom design and leave the website
  2. People who stopped at the last step where they can put their name on the shoe and leave the website
  3. People who completed and added to cart and went to a normal Nike store
  4. People who purchased the custom design they made
  5. People who purchased the same design twice with different sizes (potentially for a partner)
  6. People who purchased once some time ago, come back and purchase the exact same shoes with a different design

Why create these traits? Because, I believe in the dynamic world that the right content to the right audience brings the best conversion, people who love sports cars should be seeing ads of Lexus RC from Lexus not Lexus NX (SUV). So these traits help marketing to create a new kind of segmentation, not the segmentation they have been assuming for YEARS. It’s the new segmentation from the behavior that the website has been learning and plus its the ACTUAL action that your customer has been doing.

What do you get out of these new segmentations? Here’s the example

If I use trait 5 and trait 6, combine them together and add the male gender, purchasing frequency and call this segment “The love birds” I can create a campaign for the ad about getting a 10% discount on NIKE ID during valentines and retarget this ad back to those who are in this segmentation as well as creating a lookalike audience.

Not only can I use this method for the ad, there’s a concept called “Personalized website” as well where the content on the website is dynamically changed according to the audience and since I have created “The love birds” segment, I can now tell the platform that if the audience in this segment lands on to the website, the content will be personalized to them, e.g. the banner image could be an image of a couple wearing the same apparel.

The possibility for creating traits and audience segmentation is endless, and that creates a whole new experience on the website for these digital shoppers. I think the future of digital marketing is heading into the experience era, the more people can dynamically change the content for the audience, the better conversion they could get and the more we would probably be seeing the new catch phrase

“Personalized experience”


RJ Rojvirasingh, Founder of Mad Appe Co., Ltd., A Master graduate from Macquarie University in Commerce, pursuing the passion afterwards to start my own company and founded Mad Appe in 2014 as a full service digital marketing agency, working with clients in Thailand and Indonesia including Lexus, Fitness First, Nok Air, Century 21, Land and Houses. Have recently partnered with Adobe to develop Adobe Experience Cloud for the client in Thai market.

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