[November 2018] Blackmores B for Earth “1 bottle from you = 1 meal for a child”

By Blackmores Thailand

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After completing our “5th Blackmores B for Earth 2018” CSR Activities, where more than 1.3 ton of old bottles were recycled to be hydroponic plant pots, Blackmores have continued this project under an idea “1 bottle from you = 1 meal for a child” by heading to Rajvithi Home for Girls and teaching the children how to grow hydroponic plants as ingredients for cooking, as well as sharing knowledge on nutrition. Not only did we treat the children lunch, Blackmores Directors also donated 50,000 baht, plus Blackmores supplement products and stationaries for the children.

This CSR project hasn’t yet finished. Stay tuned for the scholarship winners from the Growing Hydroponic Plants competition with Blackmores at #Blackmoresbforearth


Blackmores is Australia’s healthcare product aiming to enhance your wellbeing with natural products. We are determined to be your first choice in natural health by translating our unrivalled heritage and knowledge into innovative and quality branded natural healthcare solutions that work. The quality of our products and provisions of health knowledge are key factors to why Blackmores is the most trusted brand for natural health. Under the concept “nature is the answer to health”, we dedicate ourselves to product research and development and thus maintain our unrivalled leadership in Australia.

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