[May 2019] Paving the Way to Success through Employee Investment

By Ms. Wariya Suphaphun, Human Resource and Administration Manager, ANCA

ANCA is a thriving Australian business and a world leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, motion controls and sheet metal solutions with our head office based in Melbourne, Australia. Due to the niche market we service, we export 99% of our products with 2,500 customers in over 45 countries. A major factor in ANCA’s success is that we were “born global” which means offering global support is in our DNA. Our ambition is that for our customers, no matter where they are located, we appear as a local company. With over 1,000 employees globally we have facilities in Thailand, UK, Germany, China, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents.

ANCA Thailand was established in 2005 to provide industry-leading customer service across all of Asia. In 2018 the business moved to a new location in Rayong, which boasts a dedicated sales facility, classrooms or training, and a larger machine assembly and process development area. As the only other CNC machine manufacturing facility outside Australia, it has the second largest employee workforce among ANCA’s global offices, making it essential to have a global approach to communicate the company’s vision, values and culture to employees and external stakeholders. Diversity is a key strength at ANCA and something which we value very highly as a business.

At ANCA we believe that our talent is at the core of our success and we recognize the importance of providing support for employees at every level, from shop floor roles right through to senior management. This is where human resource development (HRD) plays a vital role in helping employees to build and develop personal skills, foster employee satisfaction and in turn achieve high employee retention. All efforts are focused on developing a superior workforce through investing in our employees to build the required skills and knowledge so they can thrive in their role.

Paving the Way to Success through Employee Investment 1

ANCA develops the skills and capabilities of Thai employees to be globally standardized by applying the 70:20:10 model:

  • 70% on the job application or job related experience: This entails “on the job training” (OJT), and putting learnings into practice, including completing tasks and problem solving. This is a crucial part of development where employees can familiarise themselves with the working environment. It is also important to continue to check in and monitor participants during their training to ensure everyone understands their roles and offer the chance to clarify any questions.
  • 20% coaching and support: We offer coaching and support through peer to peer relationships and daily interactions with the team. HR and management also take an active role to observe the progress of participants and then provide individual coaching and feedback.
  • 10% formal programs:Employees are encouraged to attend training to gain a solid knowledge base. We are a highly technical business and as such ANCA has master training plans in place for both hard skills and soft skills. This type of development is most effective when learnings are put back into practice on the job (70%) and supported by coaching (20%).

Another of our learning initiatives is our Apprenticeship Program. This is our way to fulfil the skills gap in our business through training our own as part of our world class apprenticeship program which has been successfully training highly skilled technicians for over eight years. Established in 2011 by co-founder Pat McCluskey, the program has been designed to offer participants a range of technical training paths. Successful candidates start with 12 months’ training in ANCA’s Apprentice Training facility under the guidance of the Apprentice Master. In the second year participants have the chance to be part of a rotation program through various aspects of the business to ensure they receive a comprehensive education and gain exposure to a range of divisions.

In March 2019, the Apprentice Training Centre was established in ANCA Thailand. Paving the Way to Success through Employee Investment 2With a similar training pathway to Australia, the program aims to build a workforce of highly skilled Thai technicians who understand the basic skills of CNC machines, safety, quality, and culture. A Thai representative was sent to train in Australia alongside the Apprentice Master for almost one year, building their knowledge to become the Apprentice Master in Thailand and apply the 70:20:10 model. Prior to his training in Australia, he was also sent on a “Train the Trainer” course to gain a better understanding of leadership, mentoring and coaching, as well as English classes to build his confidence in communication.

Stuart Gurney, our ANCA Australia’s Apprentice Master has been quoted in saying, “ANCA has a proud history of investing in its people to develop a highly skilled and engaged workforce. Our apprentices get exposure to CNC machining, precision fitting, electrical testing and grinding applications throughout their four-year program.”

“The Apprenticeship Program at our Thailand facility will not only upskill the local workforce, it also allows the apprentices to obtain firsthand experience working on certain elements of our CNC grinding machines that are manufactured there, such as the canopy, electrical fittings and servo motors. Our goal in the near future is to set up an interchange program which will allow opportunities to spread apprentices across Thailand and Australia, where they can gain a holistic understanding of the different components that are manufactured across both facilities.”

At ANCA we are proud of our team and think we have a strong future ahead, especially in Thailand. A continued investment in learning, coupled with our dynamic culture, offers our employees a fantastic opportunity to not only progress their career but enjoy a rewarding role that challenges them to grow every day.

Wariya (resized) (1)

I graduated Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development, International program from Burapha University. I have experience in Human Resource and Administration almost 12 years in multinational company. I have passion in HR to encourage, engage, build skill, make employee experience and journey for our employee.

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