[AUS Embassy News] the Motor Vehicle Inspection Program under Thailand-Australia partnership

Source: Australian Embassy Thailand Facebook

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Biosecurity matters while facilitating Thai motor vehicle trade to Australia

Thailand exports more than 300,000 new motor vehicles to Australia each year. While Australia wants these new cars and vehicles, we don’t want any hitchhikers, such as weed seeds or insects that may be harmful to Australia’s economy and environment.

Thailand’s Department of Agriculture and Australia’s Department of Agriculture have partnered to prevent weed seeds, plant material or insects travelling with new vehicles exported to Australia. With the collaboration from industries in both countries, the Motor Vehicle Inspection Program has been implemented since 2009 and inspects, cleans and certifies vehicles prior to the export to Australia.

This program has reduced the detections of contaminated new vehicles by more than 90 per cent, ensuring Thai vehicles enter Australia faster and without additional costs. These savings can be passed onto consumers, making new vehicles manufactured in Thailand more competitive in the Australian market.

On the 7 June 2019 in Pattaya, parties involved in the program convened to recognise its importance in facilitating trade. Activities included a demonstration of the inspection process at Laem Chabang Port. Representatives from Japan and Korea came to learn how the successful partnership works.


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