[August 2019] Trends in Design and Construction

By Patrick Keane, Director, Enter Projects

The region of South East Asia has so much to offer in terms of traditional unique methods of manufacture. If this is fused with new technology the results are always dynamic. Designer brands are doing this, the residential market, the commercial market and everything in between. Even Big Brands are going bespoke. People always appreciate uniqueness and personality in projects. Clients are looking to connect with nature whether it’s residential, workspace or mixed use, retail or tourism. The concrete jungle is a thing of the past with passive design being the future. This agenda can be included in large commercial developments and optimize the cost of power and maintenance long term. There are even wooden skyscrapers in development to alleviate the stress that concrete places on the environment.


We are constantly getting enquiries for mixed use sites so there is no low season on returns. A very quirky interesting brand coming up is Le Pirate https://lepirate.com. It’s never been a better time to look around at some of the great ideas out there and diversity of products and projects. For someone looking to build a home, there is still value in Bangkok. Whether its acquiring warehouses, shop houses, or land on the outskirts. There are cheap parcels of to build in areas like Phuket. The land ownership issue needs to be addressed but possible to solve.


This topic in building references passive systems to reduce energy cost for the life of the building. Building performance is a major topic in architecture and construction.  Design trends include­­­ building into nature, retaining trees on sites and referencing touches of Thai vernacular. Historically traditional building methods were tied very closely to sustainable principles.


Changing people’s mindset. Instead of using compromised products sourced from overseas, it is Important to source locally.  Sourcing local products is much better for the economy and keeps local trades and craftspeople employed.  Products and services are offered in Thailand to a very high standard. Contractors have global experience and local knowhow. They include architects, engineers and fabricators. Construction must be handled with sophisticated mechanisms to ensure efficiencies dovetail well with local work practices.

At our firm we are starting to document our work less and less with drawings. We present full scale mockups, real models and studies using local skill and craftsmanship which is plentiful in this region. South East Asia has a bright future. As architects it is much more rewarding to capitalize on the wonderful uniqueness of the region.


patrick kean1
Patrick Keane is the director of Enter Projects an architecture and interior design company based in Sydney, Perth and Phuket, Thailand.
Enter Projects have proudly been published in over 27 Global Industry titles to date. They have also both been nominated for and won several Industry Awards.
Sitting at the forefront of 3d technologically aided design, Whether the focus is Hospitality, Commercial or Residential, their project philosophy is consistent: to maintain a point of difference in the context of the site location and sensitivity to its natural environment. The firm continually investigates and develops their design philosophies. Using specialized software to create unique designs, they in turn employ custom developed fabrication methods to bring these designs to life in the most efficient way possible.
Patrick is a Member of the AIA (Australian Institute of Architects) and has sat on International Design Review panels. He has taught at the Columbia, UPenn, University of Sydney, UTS, UWA as well as Guest Lectured at the University of Singapore. He is an educator and theorist who exercises his knowledge base to vivify buildings of exceptional form and function.

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