[September 2019]Together is the Only Way Forward

By Wolfgang Grimm, Owner, ANANA Ecological Resort

All progress starts with a single first step. Sharing the world with one another, we are obligated to step-up, educate ourselves, and start building habits that foster a healthier planet.

Right now, the planet’s future is dim. But there’s hope for the travel sector as knowledge and action around sustainable travel is on the increase.

For the fourth consecutive year in a row, the percentage of travellers actively seeking out, and staying in, a sustainable hotel or accommodation has increased. Today, 73% of worldwide tourists intend on staying in at least one sustainable, or green, accommodation this year.

This same number, three quarters of travellers, also believe that we need to act now in our sustainable travel choices.

We need to heed the warning signs. We must adopt a more acute balance between giving and taking from our planet. Exploration of new countries and cultures by outsiders should bring prosperity to those local communities—not a negative impact.

Tourism is currently in the position to champion a more ecological approach to human interaction, protecting our nature, and preserving traditions and customs. To do so, we must honour these principles through managing traffic flow, limiting tourism, and spreading business throughout countries—to the lesser frequented areas.

Each destination should create and manage a future looking strategy and only approving new developments after they have made infrastructure contributions to mitigate future environmental problems and replace any and all resources used in their design/build.

How can you help? Choose responsibly when picking your holiday destination. Support sustainable and green institutions. Reduce your carbon footprint through thoughtful and wise decisions around transportation. Reject single use plastic. When sustainable decisions are limited, give back through donation of time and money to sustainable projects. Patron local, small businesses. Choose organic. Engage your local government; encourage it to find community solutions, through trade organisations, chambers of commerce, and SKAL International, for creating a better world.

Our house is on fire, we must take action now—together— before the damage is irreversible. Choose responsibly.

Wolfgang Grimm

Inspired by Thai culture and nature and with a lifetime in the hospitality industry, ANANA Ecological Resort is a culmination of Wolfgang Grimm’s lifetime—a Green Globe Certified, ecological concept resort that has brought a breath of fresh air to AoNang Krabi, Thailand.
Wolfgang, a third generation son of a German hoteliers family, has 50 years experience in hospitality with 25 of those in senior management assignments at InterContinental Hotels throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Grimm’s passion for sustainable tourism was apparent with the opening of the Andamana Nature Beach in 2013. He has since grown this idea and passion into a ANANA’s own Permaculture Art Farm, opposite the resort—contributing in part to the hotel’s Green Globe certification.
In the short time period since the ANANA’s opening, December 2018, the property has garnered high reviews and has been recognized as a leading hotel in Krabi province.
Grimm’s ecological approach to sustainable hospitality will hopefully encourage fellow hotel owners to consider and implement similar, earth friendly initiatives.

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