[September 2019] Are you catering for Muslim travellers?

By Jackie Douglas, President, HSMAI Asia Pacific

By 2026, this will be a US$300b travel sector

Many hotel marketers are learning about Chinese travellers; what they like to do, where they search and book their travel.  This is understandable as China is a massive, and growing source market for many destinations.  But have you thought about Muslim travellers?  According to research from Mastercard and HalalTrip.com, the sector was worth US$1.8b in 2018 and will grow to a massive US$300billion by 2026.

Even more importantly, the sector of Muslim travellers who are Millennials will be 1/3!  So, the Muslim Millennial alone will be worth US$100b by 2026.  That’s not far away.


  • At the HSMAI Hotel Strategy Conference in Singapore in July 2019, Fazal Bahardeen, Founder & CEO, Crescent Rating and HalalTrip.com described this important sector.  Here are some things I learnt just from from watching the session (in the video below):
  • The unexpectedly high volume of travellers and dollars
  • Surprisingly high Muslim Millennial travel sector
  • “Halal” means “permissable”  so Halal food just refers to food that is “permissable” for Muslims to eat (interesting fact)
  • Faith-based needs while travelling and whilst they are guests in your property
  • The most important needs to address
  • What Muslims use “those funny sections” in public bathrooms for
  • 3 Personas hoteliers can use to target Muslim guests
  • Checkout the video for more details and learn for yourself the things you need to know about Muslim guests.


Are you a Hotel General Manager?

Please contact us if you’d like to attend an invitation-only session about managing your marketing. This is only for Hotel and General Managers of hotels.  Contact us at: info@hsmai-asia.org

About HSMAI Asia Pacific

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) is committed to growing business for hotels and their partners, and is the industry’s leading advocate for intelligent, sustainable hotel revenue growth. The association provides hotel professionals & their partners with tools, insights, and expertise to fuel sales, inspire marketing, and optimize revenue.


Jackie is an experienced senior business strategist with over 20 years’ experience in developing and improving digital products to achieve the best customer experience.  Jackie has a strong background in e-commerce, booking engines and other online product development in the travel and hospitality sectors, having developed the first mobile strategy & Product Roadmap for Qantas when heading up Digital Customer Experience.  Other senior roles include global B2B and B2C customer experience for Travelclick, Travelocity, Zuji, Voyages Hotels & Resorts and Mantra Hotels Group.  Jackie spends 50% of her time running the non-profit hotel association, HSMAI Asia Pacific.


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