[March 2020] Pathway to the Future

By Amanda Oldridge, Regional Human Resources Director , Linfox International Group

Articles make statements that females were told that they can have everything regarding careers but have become disappointed because they cannot achieve everything they desire as compared to men within the workforce.

This makes me irritated  and I suggest we as women  need to stop looking at female empowerment in the workforce by comparing our actions against what men do. As women in the work force we need to think clearly about what we wish to achieve and if we do in fact want everything we are going to have to think long and clearly about how to reach that lofty goal.

We as women, often like to think about how men achieve rather than thinking about what we as women wish to achieve. Heading up the corporate ladder seems like a great goal however, this may be at the detriment of the family, travel, health or other goals in life. Of course, there will be less time for those activities and I recommend that rather than being a victim of this obvious fact it may be better to consider that if women wish to  rise up the ranks they will need to prioritise and become a  master crafter of managing time. Just like any goal becoming number one means honing ones skills and talents and often at the detriment of another goal or priority.

My advice is for all women in the workforce is to think about what you wish to achieve in life, what you wish to experience. Life isn’t about doing everything at one time and having one chance; we may need to consider the life stage we are in and then plan and find a goal that is best for that life stage. In other words,  work out what is important to you. Second, think about the job or career where you can do the things that you love to do, that you have a strength and passion for, and what might that career look like throughout your life stages.

Next, is forget the male versus women situation, stop comparing to men or anyone else and just be the best that you can be. Experiencing a positive and rewarding career comes from being positive yourself, tirelessly working hard as well as smart, being curious and open to opportunities and making the choices that you need to make to reach your own goal or vision of success. Even though a vision or aspiration may not be reached immediately don’t give up on your dream as it may take time to reach and the pathway may take more than a moment, day or year. Remember that generally life is long and therefore if you love what you do or aspire to do continue to pursue that goal and path. Close of your mind to the naysayers and continue to push forward; rise up and  push away those that speak as a victim, or why you can’t do something and instead head towards your own goal by keeping curious , active and restless to achieve.

I do believe women can have it all; its more about understanding what you want and recognizing the path in which to get there. Remember having it all is in the eyes of the beholder and can be best described by knowing what you want in each stage of your life journey which is often only determined through relentless examination and discovery of what your passion and strengths are. Through the discovery of your passion and doing things in your career that you love will help you achieve satisfaction, happiness and fulfilment.  By being happy in your career helps you to reach your goals that brings higher levels of motivation driving you to achieve your lofty goals, career fulfillment and the wonderful feeling of having it all.



Amanda is responsible for managing Human Resources throughout Asia for Linfox International Group, based in Thailand and working in six Asian countries with over 6000 full time employees. Prior to joining Linfox, Amanda was the Vice President of Human Resources for APAC and China plus the Global Lead for Learning and Organisation Efficiency for a fintech organisation and also was Senior Director of Organisation Development for Novartis’ Vaccines and Diagnostics division in Boston, USA.
Amanda is a qualified executive coach, a counsellor and passionate in helping leaders to develop their leadership skills as well as to motivate and empower their teams.  Originally from Australia Amanda has worked in Asia for 23 years, living in six countries in Asia plus the USA working in HR, HR consulting, executive coaching, leadership development, training plus academia.
Amanda is a passionate lifelong learner and has a Bachelor of Business (Logistics), an MBA, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and has just completed her Master’s in Science in Psychology. Amanda is happily married with three grown children, one grandchild and lives with her husband and two large dogs.

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